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SMOUK - Delivery

What to Expect With Your Order

Each delivery will include everything you need to enjoy a hookah. Sit back and enjoy while our drivers take care of setup and cleanup

Hookah Rental Equipment - Mobile Only
Hookah Rental Equipmet

Lights Control

Set it to disco mode or select a color to set the mood

Hookah Bowl

Pre-filled with the flavor of your choose - Upgrade to a fruit bowl for a whole new experience

Starbuzz Carbine

Premium build sure to impress

Disposable Hose

One time use hose with every order - your health is our top priority. Comes with two mouth tips


Available for setting and removing charcoal as needed

Kaloud Lotus Heat Management

Simplify the smoking experience with this heat manager

Three Kings Charcoal 

World class charcoal for smooth smoking sessions. Comes with lighter and charcoal carrier

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